Name: Foghorn controller

The foghorn controller is appropriate for various naval ships when navigating in fog. It is used to control siren to generate periodical whistle sound so as to guarantee safe navigation, and meets the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

Technical Requirements:
Power Supply: AC 220V  50Hz
Output: DC220V 1.5A (for siren solenoid valve)
         AC220V 2 A
         AC220V 2 A (for electric heating)

Working Environment: 
       Temperature: -10℃~+55℃
       Incline: horizontal ±15°; vertical  ±5°
       Swing: horizontal±22.5°; vertical±15°
       The working site for the controller is the navigation bridge of ship. The controller is installed on the Bridge Control Console and can withstand impact and vibration resulting from ship’s motion when normal operating and navigating.

Usage Instructions:
Power on the power switch, power indicator lights on, the controller enters into standby state.
Press the Manual button or the external Manual switch on both sides of the navigation bridge to manually control the siren.

The controller is set with 6 kinds of automatic whistles, when using, press the desired whistle button, the indicator lights on and immediately output regulated whistle signal, and then the siren may work as the whistle. When it requires using another kind of whistle, please press the desired whistle button to output the whistle and automatically cancel the previous whistle. Press Automatic Whistle Stop button, whistle selection indicator lights off, automatic whistle stops outputting. Automatic whistle mode has following 6 kinds:
Every 2 minutes       one long whistle
Every 2 minutes       two long whistle
Every 2 minutes       one long whistle, two short whistle
Every 2 minutes       one long whistle, three short whistle
Every minute          one long whistle
Every minute          one short whistle, one long whistle, one short whistle
Note: one long whistle for 4-6 seconds, one short whistle for 1 second, interval is 2 seconds

Electric Heating:
When environment temperature is low, press the electric heating button to heat the siren for avoiding ice in the siren under low temperature.

Test Indicator:
Press the button, all indicators lights on.

Light Adjustment:
Brightness of all indicators on the panel can be adjusted with the Light Adjustment button.

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